State of the Art Neurological Testing

Though diagnosing neurological conditions can be difficult and complex, relying on the expertise of a trusted physician can provide comfort and ease the stress of the process. Residents of St. Petersburg and surrounding areas can rely on the staff at Central Neurology, P.L. to provide reliable and trusted diagnosis and neurological testing, including EEG/Ambulatory EEG, electromyograms and EMG/NCV/NCS procedures.


Diagnostic Practices We Utilize

From nerve testing to diagnosing vertigo, we use a variety of methods to determine the cause of neurological symptoms:
  • EEG (electroencephalography)—aids in the diagnosis of illnesses like stroke, dementia, and epilepsy by measuring the electrical activity in the brain using electrodes placed on the scalp.
  • Ambulatory EEG—electrodes are worn for 24 hours or more to help determine patterns in the brain’s activity.
  • Video EEG—particularly useful for patients with seizures and is often used to match movements to brain activity.
  • EMG (electromyography)—a test that evaluates how nerves and muscles interact by placing a small needle into the muscle and recording the muscles electrical activity.
  • NCS (nerve conduction studies)—used to determine nerve function by placing electrodes on the skin and stimulating with electrical impulses.
  • Repetitive stimulation studies—delivers repeated nerve function by placing electrodes on the skin and stimulating with electrical impulses.
  • Nerve ultrasound—used to view and evaluate peripheral nerves.
  • Autonomic testing—performed to determine if internal functions such as blood pressure and circulation are working correctly.
  • Polysomnography (sleep studies)—wires attached to the body measure what happens in your brain and muscles and monitor breathing and heart rhythm during sleep.
  • Small fiber biopsy—performed to diagnose neuropathy for patients with symptoms like pain, burning, numbness, and tingling, often in the feet.
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