Jim Lewis, Ph.D. — Physicians in St. Petersburg, FL
Dr. Jim Lewis is a Clinical Neuropsychologist with over 40 years of experience conducting neuropsychological evaluations. Trained in both Adult and Child Clinical Neuropsychology, Dr. Lewis completed his doctoral degree in 1975 at The Catholic University of America, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and later taught in the graduate school as the university’s first Adjunct Associate Professor of Neuropsychology.
Dr. Lewis’ evaluations at Central Neurology focus on assisting the physicians with diagnoses and treatment planning in cases of suspected cognitive impairment, dementias, consequences of concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury and neuropsychological difficulties associated with seizure disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, alcohol and substance disorders and identification of Adult Attention Disorders (ADHD.)
One of Dr. Lewis’ areas of expertise is explaining in concrete and “down to earth” terms the complexities of neurologic conditions to assist the patient and family members in making informed decisions about treatment and daily living planning. Dr. Lewis also conducts periodic retesting at 12-15 month intervals to objectively chart significant changes in cognitive functioning.